The new origin of advanced hair care: Arkhé Cosmetics

Arkhé starts a new era of hair care, ehe result of more than five years of research in the search in order to unite the latest advances in pharmacy and medicine transferreds to hair care never seen before.   


Arkhé breaks the current paradigm of hair care thanks to a patented system that encapsulates the active ingredients of the formula to release them in the areas where they are most needed, enhancing the results and allowing the most precise regulation of each formula to the specific needs of the hair.  

To achieve healthy hair, we must act from birth. For this reason, we have enhanced all our formulas with a Km.0 prebiotic active ingredient that balances the scalp so that the hair follicle remains strong and vital for long-term hair health.  


All of this under our commitment to create a conscious, committed and sustainable beauty, with ingredients of natural origin, fair trade and free from cruelty animal. We want to help the global community by supporting a more animal-friendly cosmetic transparent consistent with our values and achieve maximum beauty with the least impact on the environment. contributing positively with all our actions 

  • Recycled plastic container: we produce our packaging with recycled plastic because we know that reducing, reusing and recycling is fundamental to reducing our carbon footprint.  
  • We avoid the emission of more than 167 tons of CO2 per year. Thanks to our installation of solar panels, which is equivalent to the carbon absorbed by a forest of more than 1,000 trees in a year.  
  • Sustainable manufacturing: 100% of our products are manufactured with energy from renewable sources thanks to our installation of solar panels. In addition, we purify 100% of the water we use to return it completely clean.  
  • 100% natural essential oils: we incorporate in all our formulas 100% natural essential oils for a soothing and refreshing action on body and soul. 
  • Fair trade and KM0: we prioritize the use of sustainable ingredients, local sourcing and fair trade to contribute to a better world.  
  • Protecting the Mediterranean Sea: we collaborate with the CRAM organization to protect the marine biodiversity of the Mediterranean Sea, having already recovered and released more than 800 sea turtles.  
  • Respect for animals: We love animals and that is why none of the group's brands have ever experimented on animals, being 100% cruelty free.  

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    Arkhé's Stellar shampoo wins the Editor's Choice Award for Sustainable Product at the Clara Awards 2023
    Reduce, reuse and recycle