Quality Policy

VMV Cosmetic Group is a group of companies that aims for excellence in product quality and service to our customers, suppliers, and employees. As well as cosmetic products, salon furniture and tools, hairdressers are also offered all the technical support they require.

The Management of VMV Cosmetic Group bases its lines of action for compliance on the following:

To ensure compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices, we strive to array ourselves with the necessary equipment, facilities, suppliers, and human resources to comply with legal and regulatory requirements, establishing continuous improvements, which minimize the risks to product quality, as well as those established in the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Internal Audits are carried out to improve manufacturing processes, management, and distribution. We make sure to follow up on any questions our clients may have.

We plan Quality Objectives annually, we monitor the indicators, analyzing the aspects in which we can make progress and that are fundamental for the group. The commitment that we all undertake daily is to meet the objectives and indicators set for each year.

We meet all requirements and delivery deadlines and periodically renew our product image and quality, to continue to be a sustainable company within the sector.

VMV Cosmetic Group is committed to the environment, and a percentage of the energy consumed comes from the solar panels installed here. Actions are carried out to include recycled and organic material in our packaging and the corresponding symbols are incorporated onto our labels to ensure correct separation of waste.

The management team is ultimately responsible for implementing and developing the necessary actions and monitoring their compliance. Staff are directly responsible for meeting the quality standards required in the workplace. Objectives are set annually and all VMV Cosmetic Group staff are committed to their fulfilment.

This Quality Policy is shared with all of our employees and any other interested parties. It is on display at our facilities, and complied with by all of the people who form part of VMV Cosmetic Group.

General Management.

January 2024