VMV Cosmetic Group is a group of companies dedicated to meet the needs of the hairdressing cosmetic sector. Aimed at providing technical support, supplying cosmetic products, salon furniture and tools for the daily activities of our customers, from the management of the Group we add our efforts to continuously improve. We do this by relying on an integrated management system based on the criteria of the ISO 9001 quality standards.

The quality system defined by Management is based on the following lines of action:

Demonstrate Quality Maintenance in our products and services through compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 Standard.

We work as a team to continuously improve our Quality Management System, affirming the commitment and value of each member for the organization, to establish relevant improvements in each case according to the requests of the external environment.

To increase customer satisfaction, we carry out internal quality audits of our internal context and the procedures involved in the management of sales and distribution of our merchandise, in order to mitigate the causes that may give rise to incidents. Likewise, exhaustive follow-up of customers' opinions.

Annual planning of the Quality Objectives and monitoring of the indicators, analyzing all those aspects that can be improved and are fundamental for our organization. The annual strategic objectives and their indicators are the COMMITMENT that we make between all of us day by day in order to improve.

We are committed to meeting customer requirements, meeting delivery deadlines, renewing our product image and the shipping quality of our products in order to increase sales and remain a sustainable company in the industry. We are also committed to comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

The management team is responsible for implementing and developing the necessary actions to ensure that customer satisfaction is always the best possible and in turn, all staff is directly responsible for obtaining the quality required in their jobs. For this purpose, annual objectives are set, which are the commitment of VMV Cosmetic Group's personnel.

This Quality Policy is disseminated among all our employees and those interested parties who request it, displayed in our facilities, and applied by all the people who make up our organization.

General Management.

March 2020