Each formula has been custom-developed with active ingredients calibrated in the most appropriate dosage and tested in our Innovation Lab, following rigorous protocols to offer maximum efficacy and professional guarantee.

Prebiotic encapsulation (Chlorella Vulgaris KM0)

Balances, revitalizes and rejuvenates the scalp and hair.

Cuticular encapsulation (Hair Bio Defense)

Tara tannins and sunflower sprouts to protect against pollution and UV radiation. sunflower germ to protect against contamination and UV radiation.

Cuticular encapsulation (hyaluronic acid)

Anti-frizz, moisturizing, nourishing and softening action.

Cuticular encapsulation (silk protein)

Prolongs color longevity, seals the cuticle and repairs the hair in the long term.

Cuticular encapsulation (Zinc plant complex)

Sebum-regulating, decongestive, anti-irritant and odor-inhibiting action.

Cuticular encapsulation (high and low molecular weight keratin hydrolyzate)

Intensive nourishing action. Provides strength and shine, preventing split ends.

Cuticular encapsulation (high molecular weight keratin hydrolyzate)

Immediate volumizing effect that redensifies and strengthens. Increased hold and texturization.

Cuticular encapsulation (vegetable keratin hydrolyzate)

Replenishes protein loss, strengthens hair fiber and revitalizes hair with a botulinum effect.

Enhancer actives (Saponaria)

Cleanses in depth while respecting the most sensitive skins.

Enhancing active ingredients (Peppermint)

Refreshing effect that enhances the absorption of nutrients.

Enhancer actives (Betaina)

Controls and maintains the moisturizing balance.

Enhancing active ingredients (Stevia)

Minerals and vitamins that nourish the hair.

Enhancing active ingredients (grape seed oil)

Natural antioxidant.

Enhancer actives (Forvm vinegar)

Provides shine and reduces frizz.

Enhancing active ingredients (extra virgin olive oil (EVOO))

Nourishes and strengthens.

Enhancer actives (Infusion of Indigo)

Neutralizes yellow tones.

Enhancer actives (Lupulo)

Purifies the scalp.

Enhancer actives (Willow)

Soothes and prevents redness.

Enhancer actives (Mediterranean clay)

Exfoliating and purifying action. Composed of: lamellar silicate + silicon + sodium + magnesium + calcium + potassium + iron + zinc.

Enhancing active ingredients (Ayurvedic infusion)

Strengthens the hair fiber. Composed of: Amla, Calendula, Aloe Vera, Keshraj, Shikakai, Senna, Brahmi and Nil Giri.

Enhancer actives (Avenanthramide)

Biomimic oat active ingredient, specific in the booster, enhances and multiplies the immediate soothing effect (gluten-free).

Enhancer actives (cocoa butters, karité and murumuru)

Deeply nourishes by creating a protective layer.

Enhancer actives (Volumizing wheat protein)

Prevents the hair from clumping by separating the fiber through a polarizing action.

Enhancer actives (thermoactive plant proteins)

Multiply hair strength x3 and give intense shine and luminosity for healthier hair, activated by the heat of blow-drying.

Boosting active ingredients (Intensive moisturizing complex)

It provides a high level of hydration, with effect up to 72 hours and favors the retention of skin moisture.

Puryfing - Purity

Lemon, eucalyptus and cedarwood oils + 11 100% natural essential oils.

Hydration - Joy

Oils of orange, ylang-ylang, clove + 4 natural oils 100% natural.

Color Resilience - Freshness

100% natural eucalyptus oil for a refreshing effect.

Scalp Balance - Equilibrium

Orange, eucalyptus and lemon oils + 8 100% natural essential oils.

Rescue - Fortaleza

Ginger, cedarwood and petit grain oils + 4 100% natural essential oils.

Volume - Vigor

Peppermint, grapefruit and ginger oils + 8 100% natural essential oils.

Stellar - Passion

Lavandin, mandarin and lime oils + 11 100% natural essential oils.

Sculpt - Energy

Ginger, orange and bergamot oils +4 100% natural essential oils.

Full Spirit - Comfort

Oils of bergamot, mandarin and patchouli + 7 100% natural essential oils.