Advanced premium hair care

A new era where nature and technology come together to give results never seen before in hair care. 

In Arkhe Cosmetics each formula has been custom developed with active ingredients calibrated in the most appropriate dosage and tested in our Innovation Lab, following rigorous protocols to provide maximum effectiveness and professional guarantee. That is why in the formula we detail the amount of PPM incorporated in each product, the % of naturalness and the active ingredients of the encapsulated systems. 


Each product line has been developed for each need, providing the best results and maximum care.  

Purifying: eliminates traces of pollution while moisturizing, restoring and reducing the effects of oxidation. A product range designed for hair that lacks shine, is dry, fragile and irritated or tends to become inflamed.  

Hydration: natural anti-frizz ritual that moisturizes, nourishes and softens dry and sensitized hair. An ideal line for dehydrated, dry and/or sensitized scalp and hair with loss of shine and tendency to tangle.  

Color Resilience: combats the color loss process, nourishes, strengthens and protects color-treated hair. Its formula protects against oxidation and external agents, in addition to providing color intensity and shine. Recommended for colored, bleached or highlighted hair. 

Scalp Blanace sensorial ritual for a soothing and balancing action on the scalp. For those hair suffering from itching, dryness, flaking, dandruff/oil, inflammation and/or loss of density. A balancing treatment that helps to reduce and soothe any scalp anomalies.  

Rescue: strengthening ritual that revitalizes and restores malnourished and damaged hair. A nutrient recharge with extra fatty acids for texture, silkiness and shine. Goodbye to damaged hair, rough to the touch, lacking nutrition and with little shine! 

Volume: volumizing and thickening ritual that prevents visual density loss, providing immediate and long-term volume. Recommended for fine, volumeless and/or weakened hair prone to breakage.  

Stellar: reconstructs the hair fiber while restructuring, balances and strengthens avoiding future damage. A line designed for those who are looking for an exclusive treatment and a global care of the scalp and hair. An immediate and complete transformation of your hair at a structural level.  


The line of Sculpt has been developed to give shape and control to all hair. Feel total freedom of movement while repairing, strengthening and protecting the hair with finishing products.  

A category consisting of five products that provide freedom of movement to shape and design hairstyles while taking care of the hair fiber. Ensuring looks last a whole day, without weighing hair down or leaving residue on the hair.  

And for a holistic balance, the line Full Spiritbrings wellness, disconnection and a unique sensory experience with natural active ingredients that connect body, mind and spirit. A range with four lifestyle products designed for those who require wellness, relaxation or for dry skin that has lost elasticity and vitality.  

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